– How ebooks have changed my book purchasing habits

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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how I seem to be reading more ebooks than print books. This has been happening since I started using my iPhone to read books  and now I happily read on my iPad each night.

My main reading of print books (dare I use the term ‘pbook’?) is for the toddlers and every night they get one or two delightful children’s books read to them.  I’ve spend most of my career producing books and I love them – but my purchasing habits have changed substantially over the last few years and as ereading devices become more popular it will be interesting to see if other Australians follow my habits.

Suveying ebook consumers

I was interested earlier this year when the Book Industry Study Group released results of their survey into ebook consumers.

They asked US ebook readers participating in the survey three times over the course of nine months (Nov 2009 thru July 2010), questions such as:

  • When did you first begin acquiring ebooks?
  • Where do you typically acquire ebooks?
  • Which genre(s) are you more likely to read as an ebook rather than a print book?
  • What device do you now use most frequently to read ebooks?

Of course, it IS the US, so how much can we actually glean from this for our own market? Well, probably I lot I suspect, because different though our two countries are I think trends in ebook purchasing will probably follow what has gone before in the States.

The stuggle for bookshops

Bookshops – the kind that you walk into, browse through and queue up to get your purchase – are not getting much of my business anymore. Instead I’m buying books from the comfort of my bed, and usually going straight to a retailer such as Kobo or Amazon.

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