– Momentum – Pan Macmillan Australia launch digital-only imprint

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15/02/12: Congratulations Momentum on your launch today! Click here for the launch press release!

Updated 18/08/11 at 5pm.  In a brilliant follow-up to my previous post about Carina Press, the digital-only imprint of Harlequin we now have exciting news about an Australian initiative!  Pan Macmillan Australia today announced the launch of Momentum, their digital-only imprint.

The first digital-only imprint from a major Australian Publishing House, the list will go live in February 2012. It’s headed by one of the Pan Macmillan directors, Tom Gilliatt and the list will be managed by publisher Joel Naoum.

Gilliatt is quoted in their press release as saying:

‘The growing Australian and global market for ebooks opens up major opportunities for publishers and authors. Momentum, with its digital-only focus, is a hugely exciting new venture that’s been created to capitalise on these opportunities. In Joel Naoum Momentum has a new generation of publisher – innovative in his publishing vision; a true native of the global digital age in his outlook; and a highly skilled and passionate advocate of traditional editorial values.’

Joel Naoum, Publisher of Momentum books said:
“We intend to distribute our titles through the same channels as Pan Macmillan, though we’re aiming for global territorial rights in most cases so our books will be going out to a bigger audience.”
 It’s always interesting to see how an imprint like this is staffed and Naoum informed me that they will be starting with a staff of four. The staff are Tom Gilliatt, Pan Macmillan Director who will be running Momentum, Naoum as publisher and two dedicated digital marketers / promoters. It’s very interesting to see half their start-up staff being devoted to digital marketing and promotion. It really highlights that they are addressing the challenge of discoverability in a digital world.

You can read the complete press release about Momentum here and follow them on Twitter as @momentumbooks.

You may also be interested in reading this post: 8 Questions for Joel Naoum (Interview) over on BookMachine.

Update 30/01/12: You can hear Joel Naoum interviewed on Radio National today via this podcast.

Update 24/04/12: This is part one of a two-part interview with Joel Naoum by Read in a Sitting: 

– Going Digital with Angela James. Launching a digital imprint from within a traditional publishing company

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If: book Australia are leading a lot of conversations about digital in Australia and I really love what they do. They are a think-tank connected to the Qld Writers Centre led by Simon Groth. If you want to stay across digital then I would highly recommend that you check out their site and follow some of their people on Twitter. Notably @kate-eltham, CEO of the Qld Writers Centre and @ifbookAus.

Today’s event was presented by Angela James, Executive Editor of Carina PressHarlequin’s digital-first imprint and she gave us some inside information on what to consider when setting up a digital imprint. Perhaps not too many of us ARE setting up a digital imprint – yet – but her advice is just as relevant when setting up ebook programs as well and is very relevant for where Australian publishing is at right now. I’m going to interpret some of what Angela said with that in mind.

Considerations when setting up a Digital Division

Your team: In their case Carina Press was a whole separate imprint, however a publisher would need to consider who they would involve in a digital program, what services will support them, and if you will give them that digital only, or on top of their existing responsibilities. The feedback from several publishers at the Yale Publishing Course was to ensure that the division reports into top management and that the company is informed, constantly, why you are taking on this new endeavour. If you DO expect people to do this on top of their existing roles be aware you are putting them under additional stress and make sure you are not setting them up for failure.

Continue Reading – Going Digital with Angela James. Launching a digital imprint from within a traditional publishing company…

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