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Well I always thought that 2011 would be an important year for Australian Digital Publishing and with yet another exciting announcement it certainly seems to be the case!

Today it was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that the Dymocks Bookshop Chain will be launching a Publishing arm of their business in October 2011.   It seems as though they are aiming this service at local (Australian) authors who want to publish their own titles. Although there are a number of self-publishing options available to writers, the smart move that Dymocks appear to be making is offering the add-on ‘a-la-carte’ services to local authors. They will be able to access  editing, design, production and printing service and the online service will enable authors to upload their manuscript and get a ”properly laid-out publishable book”.

In what will be a HUGE carrot to authors it seems as though ‘some’ writers will also be able to see their books appear in Dymocks bookshops, so the possibility of being distributed through what is now Australia’s largest bookshop chain will be very appealing! I’d love to know more details of how authors can access that, and I hope it’s quality based, not price based.

Talking of costs there are no details to hand yet about how much any of this will cost, but I think it’s a smart move on their part to capture part of the market that hasn’t had a ‘one-stop’ service offered to them locally. The appeal of a local service versus many of the international players will be having your ebook or Print on Demand Book through an Australian bookseller.

It will be interesting to see how Dymocks handle the quality issue. The downside of Amazon and Smashwords (and others) is that they offer the ability for writers to create and sell their ebooks, but don’t quality check any of them. As a result both can be awash with low-priced and (sometimes) low-quality product. It’s hard to wade through in order to find the GOOD books that have been edited and designed.

In an interesting statement from the Sydney Morning Herald article, the Dymocks Chief Executive Don Grover said Dymocks was hoping to embrace many of the hundreds of Australian publishers that produce fewer than five books a year. Perhaps Dymocks are planning on using their purchasing power to offer good prices for ebooks and POD and distribution to Australian small publishers? If it’s good for small publishers then it’s an interesting idea.

I’ll watch this with interest, but as always very happy to see any developments in Australian Digital!

Update 5 September 2011

Fancy Goods, the blog of team Bookseller+Publisher Online today reported that D Publishing will launch two  tites from debut Australian authors in October. In what should be of great interest to authors is that Dymocks CEO Don Grover has told Fancy Goods that “Dymocks are also inviting interested writers to submit manuscripts for consideration for a pre-launch trial of the service to dpublishing@dymocks.com.au. Dymocks will select 10 manuscripts from these submissions and the authors will be given the opportunity to produce their books in the lead-up to the October launch.”

Read the whole article on Fancy Goods here where it gives more details, including that Griffin Press has been appointed to deliver the print-on-demand titles.

On the online Bookseller & Publisher article (available to subscribers only) there is the interesting information that Grover said “We think there’s a big opportunity for freelancers to be a part of it.’ If you think you’d like to be involved then Dymocks would like to talk to you!

If you subscribe to Bookseller & Publisher the full article is here and if you don’t subscribe then you’re missing out! You can remedy that by signing up using the form linked from this page.

Update 30 November 2011:  If you want details on actual launch please read this post as date has been announced!)


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  1. Great system – I am looking forward to getting my manuscript published. You can’t imagine how much a normal Australian publishing house will charge to produce and publish a book. This, at least for me, will be more economical than going down the traditional path.

  2. […] reported in my post in early September Dymocks had announced they were launching a Publishing arm. Scheduled for October 2011 I was […]

  3. Interesting concept asking for unpublished manuscripts “for consideration” (they’ll choose the best sellers) but I don’t think I’d belittle the value of my three years work by uploading it without any ‘rules’ What if they accepted it? I thought that line about ‘more information about author rights and royalties for D Publishing titles will be available once the service has been launched’ – was inadequateto the ask. Are there NONE in advance of launch? That’s arrogant and seems to devalue the author’s rights, up front. Why can’t they publish a set of proposed rules/royalties in advance? Sounds like they might be trying to have a pilot system at the author’s expense. And what will other publishers think if a writer submits to Dymocks, it fails, (or not) and the MS is submitted elsewhere – is it tainted, no longer a ‘debut’, considered previously published?? A VERY lot of unknowns for authors who spend years of hard work on their works.

    • Those are all good point Jen. I can’t imagine any agent allowing their author to deal with a publisher without clarifying what terms they are signing up for.

      I can only gather they need some ‘real’ manuscripts to trail the system, and perhaps if an author has tried and not succeeded in obtaining an agent or a publisher that this may be something of interest to them. But you’re right, would the deal be exclusive? And even if it wasn’t could you deal with other publishers – unlikely. However, these days many authors are happy to bypass a traditional publisher and go for a self-publish route, using ‘add-on’ or ‘a-la-carte’ services which Dymocks is offering. But without knowing exactly what terms you ARE signing up for it would be difficult to decide if this is the right method for your work. No doubt though there are many writers out there so keen to be published that they may take the risk… Hopefully these questions will be worked out along the route to their launch in October.

  4. Nice Article. As one of the main developers I can attest that the underlying technology provides very high production qualities, but of course technology can’t fix poor writing or photography. It will be very interesting to see what comes out.

    • John, thanks for that comment. Great to hear that the production quality will be of a high standard. But yes, it’s the quality of the writing in particular that I really referred to. I agree – what comes out will be of great interest.

  5. This sounds very interesting. I agree the quality control will be the pivot it spins on – or topples from.

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