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My only newsletter recommendation for 2011

I’ve discussed in a previous post how these days I primarily use Twitter as a news source. I’ve cut back on my subscriptions and tend to send those to a secondary account for checking at a later date. One of the few newsletters that make it into my primary account is FutureBook, the ‘digital dispatch’ of theBookseller.com.  FutureBook describe themselves as a “website dedicated to discussing how the digital revolution will re-shape publishing in the 21st Century.”  If you want to understand what they are about then read their Manifesto!  Their weekly newsletter always gives me an interesting perspective from Philip Jonesdeputy editor of The Bookseller as well as links to interesting blog posts. . FutureBook has built up an extensive list of bloggers and that network gives you access to a depth and breadth of content. A link to various subscription options is here.

Digital Down Under

As a follower on Twitter and a reader of their blog I was very pleased to be asked to write a blog post for them on Australian Digital Publishing. A link to the post is here and I’d be interested in your feedback in the comments section below. I have heard that I should have included information on Collins Booksellers being powered by Kobo (true, it’s hard to mention everything) but I hope it’s fairly comprehensive.

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‘The People’s Publisher’ – Launch of D Publishing

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After months of speculation Dymocks  launched D Publishing Network  last night!

Australia’s largest bookselling chain has launched a service to enable writers to to create, print, publish and commercially distribute their books and eBooks with Dymocks. Their web-based service allows anyone to become a published author with their books available on Dymocks.com.au and through Google ebooks.

The bookselling chain will have the ability to choose some titles to be distributed through their bookshop. This last point will be a huge carrot to writers – a publishing service AND online distribution AND possibility of appearing in the chain stores throughout Australia, New Zealand Hong Kong. With 96 stores in their network and over 60 million books sold last year, this service offers a unique proposition not currently matched elsewhere in Australia.

Edited added 09/12/11: I think it’s important that authors are aware of some of the debate online about the terms of the contract with D Publishing Network and I recommend they read the following blog post by the Australian Literature Review here. In particular I would draw your attention to the agreement that an author signs with D Publishing Network. Edited added 15/12/11: Read what Publishing contract expert Alex Adsett has to say about the terms on Bookseller & Publisher. Edited added 20/12/11Despite a number of ‘positive conversations’ we have not yet seen a change in the contract that will satisfy those that understand the implications of the D Publishing Contract. It now seems to be a publicity issue to let authors know about the impact. Here is the latest update I’ve seen and any writer should ensure they keep themselves updated. Edited added11/01/12: The Latest update on the 3rd Draft of the D Publishing Network Contract from Alex Adsett can be read here

I spoke to Michael Allara, General Manager of E-Commerce at Dymocks to find out some of the nuts and bolts of how D Publishing Network works with authors and what it costs.

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