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 Interesting post today from Martin Taylor’s eReport Digital publishing downunder ‘Google pulls the plug on Ebook resellers including Dymocks and Booktopia’. I recommend reading this if you are interested in Booksellers and Ebooks and the challenges facing them as more reading migrates to digital.

I’ve been mulling this over since my email started running hot on the topic and thinking of the challenges for those bookstores hoping this was a solution for their ebook retailing. In Australia we do have a number of viable alternatives as covered in this post about the Google ebookstore launch in Australia – a mere five months ago!

Martin also gives us some interesting information about the solution announced by the Australian Publishers Association and Thorpe Bowker to partner with Copia:

Copia, with three years of development already behind it, still has some significant rough edges to iron out. Notable among them is its truly awful e-reading app which inexplicably requires scrolling through the ebooks (none of the easy page swipes that are offererd by all other e-readers); and it offers only basic formatting and a minimalist feature set. This is one of the most critical consumer-facing items so it’s surprising the service would launch in this state.

Martin Taylor from blog post Google pulls the plug on Ebook Resellers.

If this is the case it’s interesting to know why this solution has been chosen rather than working with one of the existing ones like ReadCloud? I’ve also heard (off the record) that it is more expensive for booksellers to work with Copia and that the bookseller essentially hands over their customer data.  I have to add this is what I’ve heard and I don’t have the inside word so I may be wrong! Am I? If you know I’d love to hear in the comments section.

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